1 Jun 2007

Choosing the right Girl

Girls on the street in Geylang - depending on what part of Geylang you are in will depend on the kind of girls you’ll see on the streets. In the Lorong 20/18 and alley way between them you’ll find Thai’s, Indonesians with Indians in the alley way mostly.

The Thai girls in the evening will be lined up as their pimp tries to get you to take one of his girls vice one from his competitor a few steps away. Mostly in the 20 to 24 year range (some are younger I'm sure) you will see some really hot looking girls mostly dressed in pants or shorts with some in dresses, best times to find them between 11pm and 3am, but you can also find them out up to 8 in the morning. Cost for the girls can range from S$40 bucks and can hit a S$100 for a short time. Deals can be made with the pimps for longer time, average prices is S$50 bucks. Service is over all ok but most of the time nothing to brag about, too young and too inexperienced to really know what they are doing once in bed. They also tend to rush you too which is a big turn off for any guy while others can be a total blast to be with, you have to try your luck before you find the one special girl that will really rock your boat. Over night stays are about S$250 dollars.

Night time pick up -9pm to 4am

Early morning (5am to 8am) pick up place - lorong 20 and 16

Indonesian girls will be on Lorong 20 and Lorong 12 at the corner of Talma Road in great numbers after 8pm until late. Average price range S$50 bucks but some times can be as low as S$35 for what could be a teenager or girl in her early 20’s dress is normal every day cloths. You'll see some many pretty girls and so plan one too. Many of them are pretty shy but there are those few special ones that can get aggressive when trying to get a date. Service can be rushed once your time is getting close to ending. Also due to age and inexperience the service may not be all that great too.

Night time pick up - 7pm to 3am

Indian girls are pretty much in the alley way between Lorong 20 and 18, I have seen a few in other places this is the main area where to find them. Some times you’ll find a few good ones other there and they are mostly in their early 20’s. The older Indians ladies are just that older so if you are short on cash and just have to have a girl they can service you. The younger Indians girls charge between S$30 and S$50 buck and are be far the cheapest girls in the area over all. But like anything else you get what you pay for so don’t complain if you find your self fucking a dead fish!

Night time pick up - 6pm to 3am

Sri Lankan girls found in the alley between lorong 20 and 18 mostly and a few down the alley between the streets. Age group is young, I would say between 19 to 23 tops. Not bad looking for the most part too. Can be aggressive when trying to make the deal and will promise you everything but will often deliver on very little of what she said out side. Price is the same as the Indian girls, 35 to 50 sing for a short time and 200 for long time. Some of the girls that have been in the area have been pretty hot looking and great in the bed too but you never know until you are there. So enter at your own risk!

Night time pick up - 6pm to 3am

Chinese PRC (People Republic of China) girls: Freelancers who are by far the best dressed and best looking girls you’ll see in the area. Well dressed in low cut tight dresses these ladies will catch you eye right off so you can’t miss them. Most don’t speak English or if they do just enough to get the deal set. You can find them in all areas from Lorong 20 to Lorong 8 with the majority being around Lorong 8 and the alley way that connects all the Lorongs from 8 to 20. Cost is in the S$100 range for non-Chinese men but I am told that is can go as low as S$40 to S$50 for a short time. Over night stays will run you about S$250 to S$300.

Now with the Chinese girls (PRC) they will always try to charge you as much as they can. While many say the service is not that good from these girls others will strongly disagree. You can talk the girl down in price depending on how the night has been going or even if she believes you don't have the asking price and start to walk-a-way. The girls English in many cases in very limited but that is not an obstacle at all. There is more than one way to communicate with this ladies. Set your price and the time frame you are looking for before heading to the room.

Night time pick up - 3pm to 3am

He-She : The only place I have seen them is on Lorong 16 and 18 off Guillemard Road. Don’t know anything else so you’ll have to find that out for your selves!

The long alley way - Lorong 4 to 20 : This long alley way has all the girls on it. You can find what you want by strolling down this walk way. Most of the girls here don’t have pimps or at least they are not in plain site all the time. The older Indonesian girls can be found here as well as PRC’s and Indians too. The coffee shops that are along the way are other areas where you can locate girls for the night.

On Geylang Road there are several shops selling sex toys and sexy outfit to help you with you dream date as well as a few Music bar and KTV clubs where you can spend so cash also if that is your things. ATM’s can be found at any of the 2 7/11 stores or at the bank on Lorong 19. When you want to eat there are plenty of great restaurants along the road that stay open late for your dinning pleasure.

In closing I would have to say that while Geylang is an area which has the sex trade going strong the girls on the street for sale/rent should be treated carefully since you have no guarantee of service or safety. Several guys have been ripped of by these girls while it doesn’t happen often it does happen. Never go to a room that the pimp has set up already, get your own room so you know only you have the key. Second have the girl sign for the room, this way of something does happen you have some information on her and may make her think twice about ripping you off.

Most important ALWAYS use protection you never know what could be carried by your sex partner, some of these girls are taking 5 to 6 guys a night if they can, so you figure the odd out for your self! With the girls in the houses that get checked out still use the condom even for oral sex and don’t eat her pussy because you can get HIV this way too.

Even with condoms nothing is 100%, so think twice before visiting the area and always remember the risk you are taking with your life.

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