1 Aug 2007

Pros Den

Orchard Towers (Chinese: 豪杰大厦) is a 20-storey office building in Singapore located on the corner of Claymore Road and Orchard Road. The first five floors are a combination of bars and retail outlets with the remainder leased as offices. During the day the building functions as a retail and office style building but after dark the building becomes an entertainment complex. For this reason the building is sometimes referred to as "Four Floors of Whores".

There are various bars and clubs catering for many tastes. Rather than acting as a group of conventional brothels, Orchard Towers serves as an establishment where clients are able to meet and pick up prostitutes.These prostitutes are mostly freelancers who are in Singapore for a limited amount of time as stated by their visas. They are primarily from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and a few from mainland China and South America.

One of the more popular bars is Naughty Girl. It is well frequented by both locals and foreigners alike. There are large plasma screens for watching sports, a regular Filipino band playing international music, stage entertainment and pole dancing which is unique to Orchard Towers. There is also a pool table which is the norm in most Singapore bars.

On 15 May 2007, media reports suggested that the management of Orchard Towers, Chesterton International has elected a sale committee at its annual general meeting to study the possibility of a collective sale of the property.

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