20 Apr 2007

Geylang Story I

I start exploring the red light area since early 2000. Traveling around so I had the chance to see the finer details of the place. One area where I particularly like was the Geylang area. This is one of Singapore’s Legal Red light Districts area (DRA’s) of which there are 4 of which I know of. I heard there is 5 but can not confirm that so I’ll leave it at four for now.

Located near the National stadium and covering Geylang -Lorong 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 , cross street of Talma Road (between Lorong 8 / 14) and Westerhout (between Lorong 16 / 20) this area is full of houses where the girls work out of which can be identified by the large red numbers showing the house number. (I have heard that the houses extend all the way up to Lorong 32 but I haven’t noted anything in that area so you’ll have to see for yourself). This is handy so you don’t walk up to a privately owner house and disturb is family who may be living next to one of the brothels. Most if not all of the houses will have some guy out in front offering you to come in and take a look at the girls that are working there. In some places you’ll find what is called the “Fish tank”. This is an area where the girls will sit while waiting for customers, talk and watch TV. Dressed in anything from dresses to sexy teddies you never know what you’ll see. Opening around 2 PM and closing at 2 or 3 AM everyday you may only see a few girls during the day time hours since most of the action happens after 7 or 8 when you may find as many as 10 girls in the same place you visited earlier that day. The girls will wear a number on them so you can always refer to her again if you chose to revisit the house or get a referral from a friend which is always one way to make sure you get good service. Although I’m sure you’ll enjoy most girls you visit in this area depending on what time it is and how many guys she has been with that day. They do get burned out as the night drags on so keep that in mind too!

Cost will run from S$40 to S$80 for 30 or 35 minutes the difference in price will depend on where you are from. Locals get it for S$40, yeah it sucks but that is the way it is so just enjoy it any way. Some places have “specials” where it may cost you S$120 or S$140 for an hour which is a pretty good deal since you are not rushed to get done before your time. Showers are always taken with the girls and she’ll dry you off and handle what ever comes up. Everyone is checked for STD’s weekly and for HIV twice a month which can be checked on the Yellow health cards they all have to carry with them. So if you have any questions about the girl ask the guy when you go in and get that out of the way before making your decision on you honey. If there is something special you want to do with the girl ask the guy about it first because not all girls will do anal for example or give deep throat. So you may need for a girl to come over from another house which will cost you more for her god given talents. This could be in the range of S$100 to S$150 so be ready. When she shows up if you don’t like here there will be a S$40 charge for her time. If you do like her pay the guy (not the girl ever) and she’ll take you up to the room with little being said, don’t be bother by this it is normal for them to be this way until you are in the room then she’ll open you to you. Once you get started have fun but if she says “no don’t do that”, stop it or you may be in big trouble when you get downstairs. Treat them nicely and she’ll do you right. If you want to you can tip her in the room before you leave so she gets to keep it all. Plus this works great if you plan to revisit here some time, she'll remember you and what you did for her the last time.

It’s hard to tell how long the girls work in the area since most will not say for sure but it seems to be for a while, 1 or 2 years. Mostly from Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia they range in age from 20 to 26 best guess taken. After that they move to some of the other areas since they are getting worn out.

Girls on the street in Geylang

Street walkers are illegal in Singapore so here is one area where you can get into trouble but you wouldn’t know if you go walking around some time. It doesn’t matter what time either day or night you’ll find them out. Maybe not in force like you would in the evenings but still in decent numbers. During the day time 5AM to 5PM look around Lorong 20 / 18 / 16 in that order. The ally between 20 and 18 is a hot spot for the girls also, be it day or night. Here you can find Thai’s and Indian’s mostly. During the evening hours you’ll see some really young pretty Indian’s working the ally mixed in with some pretty bad looking older ones too.

Lorong 12 at night will have lots for young Indonesian, the Malay girls lined up in front of the hotels and by the park. On Talma Road you’ll find some great looking Chinese Free lancers which will run you in the area of S$100 to S$150 while the other girls are in the neighborhood of S$40 to S$80 for their time.

There is also an ally that runs from Lorong 20 to 4 that is close to Geylang road. This alley connects all the streets together so you don’t have to walk on the main road and yes this is packed with kind of girls also but mainly at night once you move away from Lorong 20 / 18. A around 5PM or so there should be some ladies starting to show up for work.

During the evening the PRC’s will be out in large Number with the largest numbers being out between 10pm and 4am. Look in the Lorong 8 area for some of the best looking girls which will be around the hotels.

Update: 8 Aug 2004 - the Girls on the street can now be found on some of odd Numbered Lorongs between 5 and 23 while not as many as on the even side the girls can be found there too. For News Reports on the Chinese girls (PRC) in Singapore working out side of the DRAs check my News Section.

From time to time immigrations will make a sweep in the area to clear out the girls which can last for a few hours or even a few days but in time they always return. So if you get there on day or night and nothing is going on have some food or a beer, take a break and head out again and I’m sure you’ll see them again. Since the houses are legal they do not get raided because the girls are registered sex works, so maybe the houses are calling in the raids since this is taking business away from them, hmm good question?

For the hotels / motels / short time rooms, prices are like this: Hotel 81 S$49 or 59 for a small room for the day same as the Fragrance hotels. Motels, short time, as cheap as S$15 for and hour or 2 and short time rooms S$5 to S$10 for the hour. If you go to get a room with your girl and some guy walks up and says the price is higher then what the girl told you just turn around a leave there are many others out there to have fun with. Another good point is have the girl sign for the room that way if something should go wrong in the room like she takes off with your stuff you can track her down vice if you do it you are stuck on your own with out a wallet. Second be wary of going to someone else room, you never know who has a key to the room and may just show up. Best to be safe then sorry! If you are talking to a guy (pimp) about his girls ask for what you want, don’t be quiet about it, get the service you want and the girl that will provide it to you, have her standing there so she knows what is going on as to what is to be preformed and what time limit is. Get it all up front and clear before you leave with her and you’ll have a much better time.

In the area you will also find high price KTV lounges where a beer will run you S$20.00 a bottle and god knows what the ladies drink cost. Never been in one for a long time and when I was it really didn’t like it too much. Maybe I was just in one of the lower class joints (old habits are hard to break) but I did see some places that looked a lot better then the ones I was in. so if you have the cash you may want to check out the places just to see what the action is like in them. For myself I think it will be “too much for too little”.

Geylang update 3 April 2007

While the area has not changed very much in the entire time I have been visiting it there are a few things that stand out from time to time.

There have been 3 European ladies seen along the alley by the hotel at Lorong 12, Spanish I think, didn’t talk to them. The Indonesian girls down the street on the corner of Lorong 12 and Talma Road are looking even better then ever. Some are pretty aggressive but most are timid and just stand around talking with their friends until you approach them. One quoted a price of S$70 for a short time, ha ha, no fucking way! Maybe because she knew I wasn’t Singaporean and wanted to double her price thinking she would get it easy.

The alley way between Lorong 18 & 20 is split in to 2 section, well it is really three.

At the end close to Geylang Road you will find girls from Sri Lanka, all young about 20 to 24 maybe 25. you may find 5 to 10 there depending on the night. In the same area you can find Indian local girls there also be very very rarely. Price is in the S$50 range but an get as low as S$35 for a short time.

Moving down the alley you have your older Indians girls in the traditional dress, not as nice looking due to age and weight there are a few decent one. Not sure where they are from never stopped to ask, go figure?

Now we have the far end of the alley, this is where you wan to go. Anywhere for 10 to 30 girls on average all from Thailand, young 20 to 24 and damn hot too. Price, well that depends on where you are from or where her pimp things your from. Local price is 40 to 50 for short time, non-local, white guys – 70 to 80 on average. You can try to talk the guy down which works some times but not always. The Thai girls give the best service for all accounts. One thing to keep in mind if you take a Thai girl in Singapore, “You are not in Thailand”. So what you did there (Thailand) will not apply here all the time. There are always the exceptions to the rules, ok! But the norm is just straight sex.

There is a sex shop on Lorong 18 now for your shopping needs.

He-shes can still be found on Lorong 16.

China girls are on Lorong 14 and Lorong 12 at the junction at Talma Road and in the alley way from Lorong 18 to 10, at least these are the location I know for sure.


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