29 Apr 2007

Geylang Story II

Sex in Geylang can be broken up into 4 basic sections of which I will cover each one. Prostitution is illegal in Singapore so lets get that of the way first. If the girl is on the street and solicits you for sex it is illegal. But if you walk up to her and ask how much for a date who is the prostitute then? But that is a different story all together.

The girls working in the houses are safe from the vice squad and sex for sale here is ok with the Singapore government and police. Since brothels are also illegal in Singapore I don't know what you would call the house where the girls work, Fun houses, maybe??

Large houses : The top of the line when it come to sex and some of the best looking ladies. The large houses are very will maintained and on the upper scale brothels in Geylang. The rooms are nicely decorated with mirrors and other feathers which gives the room a more romantic feel to it. Cost in the large house starts at S$150 and goes up for 45 minutes of your time with the lady. When you enter some have girls waiting they you can chose from or you can make a special request at which time the manager will call a different house to get the girl of your dreams. After a few minutes she arrives, you pay and off to the room you go. She’ll be well dressed in a sexy outfit and will lead you to the room. One good part about the large houses is that they don’t jack the prices just because you are not a local, which is a big plus since everyone is paying the same price.

Service from the girls’ starts with a shower where she will wash you and get you started with her stoking your dick and maybe even giving you some head at the same time. Most of the girls use condoms all the time even when giving head but some times this is over looked during the sucking session. After the shower it is off to the bed you go. Kissing, touching, fingering and ass reaming all happens during the first stage. Second stage oral sex again could be with or with out a condom it will depend on the girl and what you request. If she insist on using a condom that is just the way it is so just lay back and enjoy it. Fuck session is just that, go for different positions all you want, if you requested anal sex that will happen also. 2 girl tangos can be had also for additional cost.

After you have finished she’ll take you back the shower wash you again and you’re done.

During the day time some houses have early bird specials where for S$120 you can have a girl for an hour, not all houses do this so you’ll have to seek it out for your self.

Small houses (fish bowl) : These houses have around 5 to 10 girls as you enter the house there will be a glass room where the girls sit and entice you to take them. Each will have on a number so when you make your choice you can tell the owner which girl you want and he’ll call the girl out. Like the large house girls these too will be in sexy dresses but nothing revealing and private parts. Cost in the Small house is normally S$40 bucks for 30 minutes but they will charge S$80 to guys from American or Europe and the Japanese guys I hear are charge even more than that.

The girls are mostly Thais in the small house with the services bring very good for what you pay.

Rooms are more like that of person’s private room where they live. Small stereos, picture on the wall of band members or posters, a dresser covered with make up and other personal items and soft lighting. So you get the feeling of being in her room as it may be at her house back home.

Sessions are pretty much the same as the large house only on a shorter time schedule. So unless you have a special girl in a large house I would say save your money and go for a 40 house or CAT 40 as it is call here.

Hours of operation: 2pm to 2am normally

Notes ;

1. In both the large houses and small houses the girls will only see you in the house after hours dates are not allowed. Not to say they don’t happen but is generally not the rule.

2. Over night stays happen after 1:30 in the morning and you have to book the girl in advance. Normal operation hours for the either houses are from 2pm to 2am.

3. The girls are or at least seem to be drug free and don’t drink alcohol while working.

4. Best places to go to have carefree sex and not have to worry about getting ripped of from a girl giving bad service or getting robbed by her pimp.

5. Like any other business the more you go to one place the better the service gets.

6. Health check up for the girls; while nothing is 100% at least these girls are checked for STD’s / HIV every 2 weeks and condoms are used most of the time for all sex acts.

7. Service is good and friendly from the girls very few if and complaints.

8. Don’t go drunk if you and avoid it the time you have will be much better and the girl will appreciate it too.

Hotels / Motel : all over the Geylang area you will find Short time Hotels. They will range from as low as S$35 per day to S$89 for a larger and nicer room. Short time stays will be in the S$10 to S$15 dollar range for 2 hours stay. On average the rooms are small with bathroom that sometime could use a lot of work. But considering the traffic these room get not bad over all, well good enough to get the job done at least.

Best hotels in the area are the Hotel 81 and Fragrance hotel chain, these have nice rooms and are well keep. You’ll find them where ever the girls are in heavy numbers, how convenient!

Rooms for rent : Ok, now you are at the bottom of the barrel when it come to a place to have fuck. Price range S$5 to S$10, small rooms some with only cold water what will come out of a hose some times, just a bed and maybe a chair. Heavy usage so the rooms are trashed to some degree. When your time is up the owner will keep knocking until you come out so if you have not finished or the girl is not rushed you to the point to where you can finish either way you are on your way out. Where to find them, Lorong 20 has a large number of them, as well as few in other areas around Lorong 10/12.